2 Signs of Ovarian Cancer Often Disregarded As Nothing Serious

Ovarian cancer is a cancer that is often misdiagnosed. This is because most of its symptoms are very common that are often disregarded as nothing serious or something that will just fade away after a couple of days.

This does not actually show distinctive symptoms that we could easily identify it as one. Family is a high factor risk but there is no routine screening available for the said disease.

Late diagnosis makes this disease more dangerous.

Here are the two most common symptoms you might downsize as nothing serious:

1. Frequent urination

This is often confused as urinary tract infection. If you already undergone treament but the side effect stays, you should seek help from your gynecologist.

2. Bloating
This is normally associated with constipation, indigestion, improper nutrition and alike gastrointestinal issues. However, when the bloated feeling after you eat, lasted for more than one week, you should already seek advice from a doctor.

source: http://mrhealthyplanet.com

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