5 Ways To Heal Swollen Joints and Remove The Knuckles in Just 7 Days Without Surgery

Many men and women have a knuckles which looks very bad and also get them irritated when wearing a shoes. It happens because the bones of the big toe displaced due to the extreme force out the pressure on the big toe while walking or standing too long.

At the same time it is also the hereditary thing and it comes from generations. Many people have compliant about the pain in the big toe and also in the middle of the foot. It makes people irritates when wearing a shoes.

Easy way to clean the body of salt deposit:

Take 30ml of water and all one tablespoon off bay leaf. Boil them for around 5 minutes and let them set over night. In the morning sip the mixture a day. Repeat the process 3 days so that all the salt deposit on the body get cleaned.

After sometime rapper the process again for 7 days. During this process, people feel the urge of more urination but it is quite normal and one should not get worried about. After sometime the joint pain will disappear and one will feel the ease and comfort in the whole body.

One of the other benefit of this treatment is that it melts down the stones in the bile as well. If the treatment its completed for two months then bunions will completely disappear.

Treatment from the bay leaves:

First take 5 bay leaves and then pour over 100ml of alcohol. Leave the mixture to set for around 1 week and strain it. Before the application of the mixture put the feet into the water by adding 1 tablespoon of baking soda. After that dry the feet and apply the mixture on the feet and put on socks to stay the mixture over the feet.

Treatment with iodine and aspirin:

Mix well 5 aspirin pills into 10 ml iodine. Mix well until the paste became colorless. Apply the paste over the effected area every night and it will provide a great results. This treatment should be used upto 30 days for the better results.

source: http://dailyhealthmedia.com

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