Relieve a painful stiff neck in 60 seconds with this easy technique

Do you often experience soreness in the neck? Do you find it difficult to move the head from side-to-side? Stiff neck is typically caused by muscle strain in the back and the side of the neck. This strain might result from a sport injury, stress, poor posture, or sleeping in improper position.

Although quite painful, stick neck is harmless in most cases. But, if accompanied by a high fever, it seeks immediate medical attention since the combination of these symptoms indicates dangerous bacterial infection known as meningitis.

Here are some of the top home remedies for a stiff neck:

1. Stretch

Experts recommend a stretching routine which can be done at the desk or in the car. Start by rolling the shoulders backwards and downwards ten times. Then, squeeze the shoulder blades together ten times. Cup the hands behind the head, push the head back into the hands, and hold for thirty seconds.  Dip the head side to side, reaching the ear to your shoulder. Do ten repetitions on each side.

2. Sleep on your back or your side

Sleeping on the stomach is not recommended for those suffering from stiff neck, as it removes the support from the lower back and strains the neck instead. If you suspect that your sleeping position might be the cause of your problem, start sleeping on the back or on the side. In case the pain persists, consult your doctor and consider getting a special neck pillow.

3. Castor oil massage

Castor oil massage is often recommended as an effective remedy for pain relief.  Heat the castor oil and rub it in the neck muscles. Ask a friend or your loved one to massage the oil into the muscles surrounding the upper spine.

4. Myofascial stretch

Start by extending the body and dropping the chin to your chest. Put clasped hands/ towel at the base of the neck and stretch the neck, shoulder, and back muscles using the weight of your arms. Hold for a few minutes! The longer the stretch, the deeper the release.

5. 60-second self-massage

The eminent physical therapist Allyn Kakuk explains how to alleviate a stiff neck by a muscle cramp but using the hands only. Find the affected spot first. If it is on the right side of your neck, push the knot with the fingers of the left hand. Turn the head in the direction that is opposite of the cramp, and bend (as if trying to touch the armpit using the chin). Repeat twenty times for a total of a minute.

6. Cinnamon and turmeric tea

According to Mind Body Green, this remedy is extremely effective in reducing inflammation and releasing muscle tension.

7. Chamomile tea press

Slightly heat a few damp chamomile tea bags to utilize them as a warm compress to alleviate stiff neck. The best and simplest way to do this is to wrap the tea bags in a pillow case and press the material into the affected muscle.

8. Fresh horseradish or mustard oil

Ultimately, the heat from fresh horseradish or mustard oil is extremely effective in reducing muscle stiffness. To prevent burning or numbness, don’t leave them on the muscles for more than a few minutes.


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