The Four Stages of Cancer and How to Handle Them Naturally

Even though there are many different cancer types, the nature of all of them is the same.  Still, oncologists use complex term to describe the four stages, in order to convince you that they are the experts and the only savior you are left with.

Certain types of cancer are more difficult to treat than others, which is part of this complexity.  For instance, pancreatic and brain cancers tend to be much more difficult to cure and are considered terminal by the mainstream oncology. However, it turns out that alternative medicine is more effective in handling these so-called terminal cancers.

The stages of cancer are supposed to explain how far the cancer itself has spread throughout the body. This means that they don’t apply to leukemia, as this cancer runs through the entire body.


Also known as in situ neoplasm cancer, this stage refers to the position where the cancer started.  In some cases the cancer may never go beyond this stage as long as the person turns to healthy diet, avoids stress, and leads a healthy lifestyle.


This stage is also known as ‘localized cancer’ and has moved through the ‘basement membrane’ of the tissue.  The first stage is the initial alertness toward detecting malignancy, but it is possible to treat it by using the same approach as in stage 0.

STAGES 2 and 3

There is a thick line between these two stages, mainly depending on how far have the cancer cells advanced and progressed through the lymph vessels.  Simply put, it is considered as ‘regional spread’ of cancer.


This stage means that the cancer cells have metastasized, or spread into other organs. It is also known as ‘distant spread’ cancer and it`s the most scary and dangerous stage.

How to Determine the Right Natural Protocol from Many Natural Protocols

The alternative cancer treatment is much simpler and has higher cure rates. This is due to the fact that alternative cancer solutions target the root cause and restore the immune system whilst conventional treatments (surgery, radiation, and chemo) weaken the immune system and basically create more cancer.

Therefore, it is recommended to use conventional oncology to see at which stage you are currently, and then turn to alternative medicine which typically involves detoxification,  and changing to an organic diet without meat, processed food, and sugar.

Cancer Tutor is an amazing website which offers numerous remedies based on the stage one`s cancer is. The only negative aspect regarding this database resource is that it isn’t up to speed with cannabis oil. The founder of this website recommends a few alternative cancer protocols, including Garson Therapy and Budwig diet.

At this point, it is already clear that diet and positive mindset are of utmost importance when it comes to treating cancer with the help of natural remedies. On the other hand, mainstream oncology dismisses the importance of diet in terms of curing cancer.  What it does is emphasizing the ‘significance’ of synthetic chemicals from Big Pharma, such as refined sugar and carbs and a wide range of toxic additives.


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