Don’t Ignore These 6 Signs of a Hormonal Imbalance

The hormones play a really important role in our body. They are chemical messengers which tell the body tissues and the organs to fulfill their function. The hormones have a direct impact on the overall health. In fact, they are responsible for the metabolism of the food, the mood and cognition, the growth and development, the sexual functionality, and the temperature of the body.

However, it often occurs that there is a hormonal imbalance. When the hormones are imbalanced, they can create havoc in the body. Moreover, there are various visible signs if you experience hormonal imbalance. It is extremely important to learn to recognize these signs so you can do something about it and return the hormones back to balance.

6 Signs of a Hormonal Imbalance

Poor Sleep

One of the most obvious signs of hormonal imbalance is the lack of sleep or insomnia. When men deal with poor sleep is mainly due to low testosterone levels. On the other hand, women are prone to sleep issues when their progesterone levels are lower.

Night Sweats

This is another common sign of hormonal imbalance. It usually occurs because the reduced progesterone in women causes the body to experience estrogen dominance. As a result, women may experience hot flashes, night sweats, and weight gain. On the contrary, men deal with night sweats due to low testosterone levels.


Unexplained and common fatigue can indicate a hormonal imbalance. The fatigue occurs when insulin levels stay high due to the development of insulin resistance.

Low Libido and Mood Swings

One of the most common signs of hormonal imbalance is a lack of interest in sex. This is mainly due to low estrogen in women and low testosterone in men. Hormonal imbalances can also trigger mood swings. Hence, you may experience feelings of anger, happiness, and madness for no reason at all.

Chronic Acne

In case you have the unsightly acne during your period, that’s quite normal. However, if you have to deal with them all the time, they can indicate hormone issues. An abundant amount of androgens can cause oil glands to overwork.

Constant Weight Gain

The adrenal gland produces the hormone known as cortisol. When the production of this hormone is disrupted, it causes weight gain. Moreover, it directs where that fat accumulates in the body. Therefore, in the case of a hormonal imbalance, it is likely to have more fat in the abdominal area.


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