This Ginger, Apple And Lemon Mixture Will Flush Pounds Of Toxins From Your Body Like Crazy, Literally…

Neglecting the health of your colon is a serious issue, leading to compromised bowel function, diarrhea, constipation, and a wide range of diseases.

Read on to learn how to improve your health and avoid serious health problems caused by having a toxic colon. Protecting yourself is completely doable and this article shares a few tips on how to achieve that!

As s matter of fact, overweight individuals are likely to carry around 10-25 pounds of dried fecal matter in the colon. Those with severe allergies and those who are over stressed may have even more than that! The worst part is that children are not an exception too!

Accumulated waste matter in the colon may result in colon toxicity, which is associated with a wide plethora of body imbalances and is known as the root cause of various health problems.

The first thing you should do is to incorporate a colon-cleansing beverage in your diet to get your bowels moving.  The mixture below, which is made of ginger, organic apples, lemon, and sea salt, is one of the best recipes you can try.

Ginger-Apple-Lemon Detox Recipe


  • 1 tbsp. organic ginger juice
  • 1 cup organic apple juice
  • 2 tbsp. organic lemon juice
  • ½ cup purified warm water
  • ½ tsp. of sea salt


  • First and foremost, run the fruits and roots through a food processor/ juicer
  • Add 3.5 oz of the purified water in a saucepan and heat it up
  • Pour the warm purified water in glass and stir in the sea salt
  • Add the ginger, apple, and lemon juice
  • Mix everything well!


Drink a glass of the colon-cleansing beverage every morning on an empty stomach. For optimal results, drink plenty of water during the day.

How it Works?

All of the ingredients in this drink are abundant in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals,  and really do have a robust nutritional profile.

Apples: They are packed with pectin, a nutrient that attaches to heavy metals and bad cholesterol, aiding the body flush them out and cleanse the intestines.
Ginger: Ginger offers a wide range of health benefits and works on multiple levels when it comes to cleansing the colon. It is effective at reducing bloating and supporting the colon, keeping it away from detrimental chemical and toxic matter.
Lemon: First, lemon is known for its detoxifying properties. It is also loaded with vitamin C, which makes it a potent antioxidant. With this being said, it`s no wonder that lemon juice is also included in this article, adding digestion-stimulating and detoxifying properties.


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